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C2 Children Bookstore, which was established in Shanghai in 2014, is the energetic promoter and practitioner of children's early reading in China, and as well as the leading brand in Chinese children books industry. We believe "reading" is the most powerful force and key ladder during the growth of every child and will lead them to the future success and brighter life. To foster all-powerful babies who love to read and let every kid and family benefit from reading is our unbreakable goal and perseverant motivation. As an innovator, C2 Children bookstore has established the “Rainbow Education System" to successfully make up the gaps of children early education industry; also we've owned the only independently developed APP in the children bookstore industry of China to make the company as the leading brand to go online in the industry. We have also tailor-made the membership products for all the consumers, and the concept of membership as “One Price, One Stop, Enjoy all” had totally overturned the traditional business model in the industry. With the breakthrough education system, service model and membership products, C2 Children Bookstore has fulfilled almost all the consumers’ needs in the best way and bring benefits to all the kids and family in all over China!.



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