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Core Advantage

Brand upgrade,International,Authoritative

China International Economic and technical exchange center as the directly under the Ministry of Commerce to carry out economic exchanges and international cooperation.We will strengthen cooperation with overseas and actively expand foreign markets.“Shanghai International Parent-Child Education Exhibition ”was renamed “Shanghai International Parent-Child Expo.”In order to meet the market demand,improve service quality,to promote the development of parent-child industry with more professional management.

Strengthen parent-child elements,New exhibition planning and activities

For rich exhibiton activities content,Shanghai International Parent-Child Exhibition combined with the development of hot spot to found the following Exhibition:Brand investment&alliance exhibition,Parent-child tourism,Scenic spots and Hotel Exhibition,Parent-child Intelligence Technology VR&AR Exhibition and Parent-child animation film etc.Exhibition focus on displaying Parent-child Industry derivatives , for many manufacturers and dealers to build good communication, trading platform.Meanwhile,in order to better build the communication between exhibitors and professional audience,organizers launched activities to promote communication during the exhibition.For instance:Parent-Child Industry Future Development Seminar,Family Education Development Seminar,Business Innovation Forum etc.

Self build call center,Productive Business Matchmaking

It is generally known that the efficient professional call center is a guarantee for the professional visitors.At present, most of the exhibition is the way of outsourcing call center.The organizers will spend heavily to build a 40 professional and efficient call team.It is estimated that 70% of the professional audience are come from our call team.According to the successful business matching service, VIP audience will continue to help exhibitors and target customers to establish contact and negotiate.

Have both B2B and B2C platform advantages
Focus on building domestic and foreign Parent-Child industry and parent family most concerned International Exhibition,professional platform to share industry data,information diffusion and exhibitors direct interaction with parent family.This content coverage:Parenting Education,Parent-Child Service,Intelligent hardware,Parents home,Children food,Parent-child Costume etc.

Response to government orders,set up entrepreneurship&innovation incubator exhibition area
For the positive response to the national call,government providing subsidies for small and medium enterprises.Set up Innovation&Entrepreneurship Incubator Exhibition Area.Take Parent-child Industry and manufacturer as the main body.Build a platform for display, communication and cooperation.

Brand new promotion-Excellent platform for Media exposure and brand promotion

The organizing committee will be based on the traditional exhibition of the propaganda , according to the characteristics of the parent-child exhibition to change the traditional exhibition passive promotion.July 2017 -January 2018 during this time the Organizing Committee Propaganda aimed at the industry and enterprise, maternal parent distributors and agents (B2B); 3 months before the exhibition mainly for covering the whole i family promotion (B2C). More targeted, effective, better results.