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Parenting Fair marketing promotion program2017

Parent-Child Family education development conference program 2017

Sponsor program for Parent-Child Brands collaboration Conference 2017

More chances to promote

Before the fair ---AD on special authority card, official website ad , special report on tv  ,system ad in audience register ,wechat ad ,custom business invitation  and E-newsletter ect.

Middle of the fair ---ad in the exhibition catalog ,ad on the sling ,live audience registry ,ad on the guiding  book, bottle ad ,pocktet ad ,paste ad ,on the sling flag and  sponsor activities etc. 

After---exhibition result, video,report,reserch,and so on.

Other sponsors

Meanwhile, live activities are seeking for their sponsors. Learn more about it if you want, click the button of activities in the same time. Call +86 21 52715080 for parenting fair organizer, or email to